Welcome to the unofficial guide to stage and screen actor David Dawson; David’s recent television work includes ‘The Last Kingdom’, ‘The Secret Agent’, ‘Maigret’, ‘Banished’ and ‘Ripper Street’.

David Dawson

‘The Last Kingdom’ returns to our screens on Thursday 16th March 2017 with the series 2 premiere at 9pm on BBC Two.

David appears as King Alfred.

Here are some images from series 2…

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14 comments on “Home

  1. Hello,

    It’s Johanna here, we probably talked before on Twitter or Facebook… it’s you as well who runs the David-Dawson accounts there, isn’t it?

    I just wanted to thank you for making this website!
    I hope we’ll see more of David soon… especially in TLK. 🙂

    Love, Johanna


  2. Have been following David Dawson for nearly 5 years and seen him shine as a very accomplished young actor, the latest was The Dazzle at Found 111 last Saturday, he’s a very talented man, everything I’ve seen him in is always fantastic.

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  3. Does David Dawson ever look at this site? Just curious as to what “unofficial” really means. I loved seeing him in The Last Kingdom. He surely is a talented actor, and found him most interesting to watch!


    • Hello Dorothy…thank you for your comment! This is just a fan site and I don’t know if David’s ever looked at it. I would guess not as he appears to me to be rather modest, unassuming…and probably too busy! Kind regards, Julie (admin)


  4. David Dawson is amazing he will go far. Great photo’s.

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  5. This is one of the best and most comprehensive websites for an actor that I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much for providing this and for maintaining it so well!


  6. I have been so impressed by both Ripper Street and The Last Kingdom. The more I watch this gifted actor perform, the more I believe he can do anything. In period pieces, he could certainly play a Holmes OR a Moriarty or a Dracula or a Jekyl. I think he is one amazing actor and I only wish that, here in the states, I had access to MORE of his work. OH, AND YES, I DO BELIEVE HE’D MAKE THE PERFECT NEXT DR. WHO, too!!!


  7. The IMDb profile page has been updated…complete with a profile picture.


  8. Thank you for putting this together.
    Wish he would flesh out his IMDB.com profile. There isn’t even a photo of him.

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